Friday, January 27, 2006


when did PMLA (Publications of the Modern Language Association) get cool? or is it only the january issue each year? the january 2005 issue had a special feature on poetry (good god!) with cool articles on yasusada, heidegger and hölderlin, french sound poetry, mallarmé and frank o'hara.

the new january 2006 issue arrived in my mailbox announcing a special feature on "the history of the book and the idea of literature with page 5 of tom phillips' a humument on the cover.


Jessica Smith said...

is that the one ramazani's an editor for? myabe i can get a copy outta him.

tmorange said...

looks like he's on the "advisory committee" -- dunno if they get freebies but it's worth a shot.

a quick scan of the ToC suggests that the issue as a whole is not as exciting as its humumental cover suggests. tho get this: there's a transcript of a july 1927 BBC radio broadcast by leonard and virginia woolf on the question "Are too many books written and published?" haha, yes! (then too?)

there's also a piece on pound as anthologist which'll interest me.


K. Lorraine Graham said...

It's true that the cover is more exciting than the inside, but I was kind of shocked to get it in the mail too..