Monday, February 06, 2006

blogger sucks

i'm pissed off at blogger because it lost two posts i wrote over the weekend, one on the ken vandermark five and neil young, and one on joshua clover's piece on the MLA. and it's not like it timed me out while i was writing them, i mean i wrote them and posted them (twice in the case of the post on joshua's piece), they were up there with 18-digit post IDs and everything. joshua responded within an hour and "32poems" even posted a comment about the vandermark/young one. (sorry, thanks!) so blogger can kiss my ass for wasting my time.

briefly this weekend (and before this one gets lost too)...

live friday: ken vandermark five at iota in arlington, they were punchy, loose and smokin.

live saturday: bonnie jones, kathy hong and ric royer at the i.e. reading series in baltimore. i liked bonnie's work but she overexplained it, kathy's did not compel my interest too much although i enjoyed her quasi-joycean made-up language, and ric's performance piece was quite enjoyable and had a very improvised feel (which made me surprised to see how much was actually written out in advance).

listening: lots of neil young, jay farrar.

watching: lots of simpsons and family guy instead of super bowl.

reading: bernadette mayer, red book in three parts, chapbook of early poems (65-66) lewis warsh put out in 2002, demonstrating bernadette was kickin ass even when she was 20-21; alice notley, songs for the unborn second baby, chaotic and unfocused relative to her recent work but brilliant all the same; dan hoy's critique of flarf with which even though it's not without its problems i am largely and generally agreement.


DUSIE said...

Dear Tommy,

Love your new blog!!! I might jump o nthe bandwagon soon...the baby blog is totally just for mindless posting pleasure! I will email you soon, as I have a whole bunch of questions to boot, may be visiting home/DC in April/May... Dusie3 is soon live!



ps that sucks about blogger! i've had it happen to me...if you realize it as you are posting, you can save the doc as a draft and post it later, or hit the back button and cut and paste it to post later on...must save work, must back old mac died of late! no backups!!!! now i'm on a g5!

AlexG said...

I lost a post too. since it was a political one I was beginning to think the worst. but I guess Blogger was a mess.