Friday, February 10, 2006

jay farrar retrospective

Something on which I've been working on and off for a little while but which I realized was woefully incomplete without anything from the March 16-20 1992 album, here's a 78:52 retrospective of Jay Farrar's recordings from 1991 to 2003. Choice cuts from three of the four original Uncle Tupelo discs (personally i think No Depression is a pretty inessential warmup to future greatness), the first three Son Volt discs, and two of Jay's discs under his own name.

Jay Farrar

1. Fall Down Easy
2. Still Be Around
3. Punch Drunk
4. Postcard
5. Grindstone
6. Criminals
7. Shaky Ground
8. Slate
9. Give Back The Keys To My Heart
10. Live Free
11. Tear Stained Eye
12. Ten Second News
13. Back Into Your World
14. Way Down Watson
15. Driving the View
16. Streets That Time Walks
17. Clear Day Thunder
18. Feed Kill Chain
19. Make It Alright
20. Different Eyes
21. Outside the Door
22. No Rolling Back
23. Hanging On To You

1-4 from Uncle Tupelo, Still Feel Gone (Rockville 1991)
5-7 from Uncle Tupelo, March 16-20, 1992 (Rockville 1992)
8-9 from Uncle Tupelo, Anodyne (Warner Brothers 1993)
10-12 from Son Volt, Trace (Warner Bros 1995)
13-14 from Son Volt, Straightaways (Warner Bros 1997)
15-16 from Son Volt, Wide Swing Tremolo (Warner Bros 1998)
17-21 from Jay Farrar, Sebastopol (Artemis 2001)
22-23 from Jay Farrar, Terroir Blues (Artemis 2003)

Arguably I went light on Anodyne tho frankly as pretty as the title track is I find it a bit whiney.

Naturally a similar Jeff Tweedy retrospective will have to follow, but clearly won't proceed until I actually acquire a copy of Summerteeth.


K. Lorraine Graham said...

Oooh--I want a copy for driving. Can I send you something in return? Don't know what that would be...

tmorange said...

of course, nothing in return necessary. like jessica i always like finding out that my idols, or just celebrities in general, are the same age as me. (i'm actually a little less than five months older than farrar, a little more than three weeks older than tweedy.)