Sunday, March 26, 2006

some more dada notes

saw/heard ballet mécanique from a loftier perch this time and the impact is significantly diminished. still a great piece tho.

towards a collaborative research/poetics project

nodal points
  • anarchopacificm
  • chance
  • cage - mac low
  • plastics - explosives/prosthetics
  • taxonomy of collage
  • history of dada publications
  • schematics - ernst to braxton
  • hybrid bodies and machines
  • "This world of systems has gone to pieces" (Ball critiques Hegel)
  • untranslated writings (Picabia et al.)
  • the archives

aesthetic styles (emergent and residual)
  • "abstraction"
  • cubism (& cubo-futurism)
  • expressionism
  • impressionism / pointilism
  • "collage"

between pure abstraction and pure mimeticism
curvilinear abstraction (arp and taeuber: 17-26)
arp's move from geometrical to organic abstraction

           the beginning drop sifts a genesis

richter's fugue --> geometrical abstraction as schematic --> graphic notation --> anthony braxton's composition titles

factor also into such a history: picabia's joke schematics, ernst's use of schematics including quasi-organics (189) -- and bargeld 207-210 -- on the way to tanguey

between geometrical and organic abstraction: schadographs (60-65), schwitters lithos

           using existence a preferred fabric / jagged searching discovery assault

           assumed ineffectual measurable weights

  • janco (16)
  • segal (42) - cubofuturist
  • schwitters (187)

  • richter (40-41)

               an adjacent retreat into self-hipnosis / primitive masklike identity

  • grosz (66)

impressionism/pointilism - taeuber's untitleds

berlin room

           dangles unflattening / allowed the hours / a text marching
           & / claimed the work

why do i still not know schlichter and dix?

grosz 72 - a vietnam of society (misread)
hausmann 96 - dylan's mr. jones

höch and hausmann have primacy of place in any taxonomy of collage

man ray aerographs (287-290) flirting with the geometrical-organic abstraction continuum

crotti --> schematic-like organic machines


Jessica Smith said...

wait-- can you explain this? what's collaborative about it? this list sounds like an index of my brain. will it be a book? i want to read it!

adam said...

here's the collaborative part:

Rod said...

wow you kids is gettin into some serious shit -- I like the Ball critiques Hegel bit a lot. what are the parenthetic numbers referring to?

tmorange said...

catalog numbers.

git up in it!


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