Tuesday, March 21, 2006

vision festival XI

the schedule for this year's vision festival has been announced (NYC june 13-18) and pasted in below. highlights include:
  • sam rivers trio and big bands
  • grachan moncur III trio
  • henry grimes trio (w/ joe mcphee and rashied ali)
  • roscoe mitchell quartet
  • george lewis solo
  • by any means (charles gayle, william parker, rashied ali)
  • david s. ware quartet "Final US Performance"

if you miss nothing else do NOT miss the final u.s. performance of the david s. ware quartet as he will raise the upper partials to the heavens and blow your little ego soul clear out of your body. i know i've used that metaphor before but this time i mean it quite literally. (in the meantime i will try to find out why it's the group's final u.s. performance, if they're disbanding or simply moving or what...)

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Jessica Smith said...

unrelated-- what's the greek for "anthology"?