Wednesday, April 26, 2006

7 questions for snow

the good folks at have compliled a list of 7 questions the press should pose to this president's new spokespuppet, fox news pundit tony snow. see the full article for all the contexts and sourcing.

1. Do you still think President Bush is a "wimp" and looks "impotent" for not "veto[ing] a single bill of any type"?

2. Could you elaborate on the "leaden phrases" and the "unbearably abstract and dull" portions of Bush's "Social Security sales pitch" that made it "stink[]"?

3. With the failure of Harriet Miers' Supreme Court nomination, do you consider Bush's presidency effectively over?

4. Do you still believe that Republicans nationwide "behave like reckless heirs to someone else's fortune"?

5. Would you still argue that the Republican Party is "packed with cowards"? Or that the president's "compassionate conservatism" is "a slogan that exceeded skeptics' worst expectations"? Or that Bush "lack[ed] not only conviction, but vision" when he signed McCain-Feingold? If not, what has caused you to change your mind, aside from having accepted this job?

6. In your estimation, has the "Conservative Movement" bounced back after Bush's and the Republicans' spending policies "shattered" it "like a broken mirror, into dozens of jagged, sharp and discordant pieces"?

7. Will you pursue amicable relations with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), even though he "behave[s] in such an inane manner," and "made official his descent into the Moonbat Grotto"?

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