Tuesday, April 18, 2006

post moot pictures

...from lorraine. full set here, selected annotated pix below.

bill and lisa howe (and a blurry kirsten lavers) on cris cheek's back porch

justin katko at bachelor hall

before dinner, chez howe kitchen (mike baskinski, me, cris cheek, rachel chase, bill in white chef's outfit and a portion of kirsten)

mark wallace, 4th floor peabody hall

mel nichols, leonard theater, peabody hall

camille pb, leonard theater, peabody hall

rodrigo toscano and i performing "eco-strato-static," leonard theater, peabody hall

symphony for prepared shoes (bill howe, rachel smith, lisa howe, lorraine graham


-k said...

looks like it was loads of fun. my favorite picture is mark moving the flowers to the side (on lg's flickr site).

coupons_coupons said...

thanks for the report! i have contributed a little entry on my blog with a funny video of Keith Tuma reading "Pigs" on the last day of Post-Moot, and a work of reappropriation on Steve Lansky's "Bratwurst": http://elgg.net/camillepb/weblog/12812.html.
Camille PB.