Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the big trip out west, part two

more from my diary of the trip my family took out west 30 years ago when i was not quite nine years old...

[Sun June 6]

Dear Diary, Sorry I didn't write last night but I was tired. We woke up at 7:30, had breakfast about 8:30, & left for Mesa Verde National Park at about 9:30. Really we're going to stop at Durango. First we went through Pueblo & went on U.S. 160 which leads us to Durango. We stoped at a place called Big Meadows Campground near the Summit of Wolf Creek Pass (elev. 10,857 ft.). We stoped, looked around & had supper (Hamburgers, soup, & milk). I almost forgot! We went through Cave of the Winds. It was really neat! They had naturally made rocks in different shapes, & sizes. They had lights that made it look different colors.
                         Well, that's all, folks!

big meadows

[Fri June 11]

Dear Diary, Sorry I didn't write but we've been doing things at night. We went through Mesa Verde Nat. Park. They has a show at night called the "Amphia Theatre." It was nice. Then we went to Walnut Canyon Nat Mon. Then We went up to Grand Canyon Nat. Park. We saw the Grand Canyon! (WOWWWW!) We are now at the South Rim. We'll probably stay here for a few nights. So far it's really pretty. Now were on our way to find a campground. These people let us have part of their campsite. (HOW NICE!) We had steak with bread & salad for dinner. (YUMM!) We had a campfire with the people. We made "smores." They were good. Then we went to sleep. Bye!

mesa verde

[Sun Jun 13]

Well, We woke up about 6:45 & left for mass. We fooled around in the Visitors Center & left for the North Rim. It's about 215 miles away. When we got to Desert View, I took a picture of The Grand Canyon & ate brekfast. Then we left for North Rim. Then I went to sleep for about 4 hours. When I woke up We were look for a place to camp. We are in an overflow area. We have a nice spot. Then We built a place for a campfire. Then We went to look for firewood while Mom cooked supper. We found a good bundle. Then we had supper. Then we sat by the fire. Then we made popcorn. It was good.
                         Well, That's all, folks!

Grand canyon

[Mon Jun 14]

Well, We woke up about 8:45, ate brekfast & went to the North Rim. Then We had lunch. I has cheese 'n crackers & part of Lisa's yougurt. Then we took a 5 mile "tennis shoe" hike (UGHHHH!) We were pooped. Then we cleaned up and went back to are campsite. Then Mom started to cook dinner. Then I washed my ICKY feet! Then we had dinner. Soup and Poor Boy sandwiches, (YUMMMMMMM) & pudding for dessert. Then Mom started writing letters. Then I started writing in here. Now I'm going to unroll the sleeping bags & go to sleep.

[Sat Jun 19]

MGM grand

Dear Diary, Sorry I didn't write but the last few nights I was doing things at night. Went through Las Vegas, (NEAT-O), saw Caesar's Palace (WOWWEE) The Dunes (GREAT) & The MGM Grand. (GOLLY) We stayed at the Hacienda Camp Inn. Then we left for Disneyland. We went through Barstow, Riverside, Yermo, & Victorville. Then we got to Anaheim & Disneyland. We found a KOA Kampground & are staying there. Then Mom started to cook supper. We had a Ravioli caserole. It was good. Then after supper we went swimming. (YEAHHHH!) It was fun. Then we took showers. Then We went to sleep.

[Mon Jun 21]

Dear Diary, Sorry I didn't write last night but we went to Disneyland. It was really fun. Today we left Anihiem & went to Riverside to see if we could get our door fixed. We got it fixed. (YEAHH) Then we went shopping. We got all sorts of stuff. Then we went on our way to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks.
disneylandkings canyon

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DUSIE said...

Hi Tom,

I love all of these, Dear Diary, SORRY I didn't write...first liners!!! ha, our first diaries were like our first lovers of sorts.... already feeling the guilt then...

so cute tho, all your early escapades...