Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the big trip out west

this summer marks 30 years since my parents, sister and i took our 22-1/2-foot dodge jamboree motorhome (something like the one depicted except ours had a dark brown stripe) on a 7-1/2-week trip across the country: from cleveland straight to saint louis to visit my cousins (on dad's side of the family) and then through the middle of the country to and into the southwest, all the way up the west coast from los angeles to seattle, through idaho to montana, wyoming, and then all the way back through the midwest along I-90. (i seem to recall we managed to buy gas at times for around 50 cents a gallon.)

i kept a rather incomplete diary in a perfect-bound red-and-blue striped "peanuts 1976 day by day" book that i had been given the preceding xmas and will reproduce it in its entirety here as the weeks go by. all spelling mistakes and idiosyncracies preserved, i mean hell i was not quite nine years old. so here goes...

[Mon May 31]

Yahoo! The trip begins! Were heading to St. Louis. We left about 9:00. We've been on the road for about 10 hrs. St. Louis is about 23 mi. away. Dad has his "ears" set-up. ["ears" = CB radio] All you hear are blabbermouths! I wish I could talk but I'm too young. We've passed through Indiana and Illinois. I can't wait to see Peggy & Greg. They are going to be in school & we aren't. After St. Louis, were going to Colorado. From then on I don't no. The Stohr's are moving pretty soon. It's going to be a big house. After our trip we might pick up Peggy & Greg & stay awile. I hope they do. We might pick up Grandma. I'll write tomorrow if I get time.
          See ya tomorow!

[Tues June 1]

Well, We woke up about 7:30, got dressed & had Pop-Tarts for brekfast. Then Greg & I played awhile. Then we has a blast buying 7 25c packs of baseball cards & 1 15c pack. we mixed them together & picked who we wanted. Then We played basketball. Then Lisa & Peggy went bike-riding. Then Greg & I got more money & bought more baseball cards. Then, we had bread for Lunch & played more basketball. Greg had to go for Little Leauge practice. Then we had dinner. Then we went to see Peggy's & Greg's games. Greg's team lost to Holy Redeemer, 11-5. Peggy's team won 35-10. Then we played more basketball. Then watched T.V. Then we went to the new house to sleep. Bye!

[Wed June 2]

Well, We woke-up about 7:00 & got dressed. A little later we left. We had brekfast. I dozed off at about 11:00 till 1:00. At about 2:00 we were in Kansas. We saw K.C. Stadium. We passed through Topeka, Kansas City, Abilene, and Salina. We went to Howard Johnson's And got Ice Cream Cone. Then we drove awhile. Then we stoped at Wilson State Park & had dinner. Mom said it was bad. I think it was good. Then on our way to a small hike, we met a lady. Then we went on our hike. Then Mom washed the dishes. Lisa & I get to sleep in the cab tonight. (YEAAAA) [cab = "cabover" = pullout bed above the cabin or driver's area of the vehicle]
                    See ya tomorow.

wilson state parkwilson state park

[Thurs June 3]

Well, I woke up about 8:00, had brekfast at 9:00, & left Wilson at about 10:45. We went by Russell, Hays, & WaKeeny. A few hours later We passed the Colorado state line. Then I went to sleep for a while. Then when I woke up, we were about 83 miles from Colo.Spgs. We ran into a storm and then saw Pikes Peak. Then we were in Colo.Spgs. We then stoped to buy grocerys. Then we went to find a place to camp for the night. We have a spot at the Woodland Park KOA Campground. I think its going to be nice. We might get to cook out side. I hope we can.
                    Well, that's all folks!

[Fri June 4]

Well, I woke up about 7:30, & had brekfast. We took showers, & fooled around for awhile. Then we left for Pikes Peak at about 11:45. It was a very nice sight. Then we went back down. My ears kept poping! Then, Daddy went to look for a o-ring for the motorhome. Then, we came back to the KOA to stay another day. Mom started cooking supper at about 6:45. It'll take about a half an hour. We are having Porkchop Casorole. It sounds pretty good. Tomorow we might go around some places in Colorado.
                         See Ya tomorow!

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DUSIE said...

Hey Tommy!

My god, you are so cute!!! How cool to hear your 'liitle-boy' thoughts and voice, though I can still hear you now, then!

Thanks for sharing, look forward to more!!! (I have a grin on my face as I type)