Sunday, June 04, 2006

sunday news and notes

and this is the industry that was going to finance our war efforts in iraq...


this special congressional election "to fill the seat of a jailed Republican" (that would be blubbering duke cunningham) in hardcore red-state country may be an indication of how dems can succeed this fall. and dig this to get a sense of how quick the republicans will twist something to their advantage


books briefly reviewed by dave itzkoff and laura sinagra on:

pink floyd's dark side
charlie parker
the flaming lips
pop music and the urge for transcendence
and perhaps most interestingly, "echo and reverb: fabricating space in popular music recording, 1900-1960" by peter doyle. (hello taylor brady!)


pollock at the guggenheim...


the latest installment of an ongoing asia times series called "how to lose the 'war on terror'" by mark perry and alastair crooke


the swift-boating of global warming continues unabated in the face of an inconvenient truth, as thinkprogress reports:

The National Review’s June 6 cover story, Scare of the Century by Jason Lee Steorts, has several serious errors and omissions. By distorting evidence, Steorts misleads his readers about the threats of global warming.


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Taylor Brady said...

Thanks for the lead, Tom. I'm on my way down to Modern Times to put Echo & Reverb on order.