Sunday, July 16, 2006

gilmore as sideman

john gilmorein repsonse to taylor's query about gilmore's work as a sideman, there's a bunch of stuff actually, very little of which i've actually heard. but here's the list, culled from
  • Blowing in From Chicago - Clifford Jordan and John Gilmore (1957 blue note date, w/ horace silver, curley russell and art blakey)
  • The Artistry of Freddie Hubbard - Freddie Hubbard (1962 impulse date w/ curtis fuller, tommy flanagan, art davis and louis hayes)
  • Sounds from Rikers Island - Elmo Hope (1963 audio fidelity date w/ ronnie boykins and philly joe jones et al.)
  • Today and Tomorrow - McCoy Tyner (1963/4 impulse date, three tracks w/ gilmore, thad jones, butch warren and elvin jones)
  • Andrew!!! - Andrew Hill (1964 blue note date w/ bobby hutcherson, richard davis and joe chambers) -- i have this, it's v. good!
  • turns/ turning point - paul bley (1964 savoy dates w/ gary peacock and paul motion, "turns" is the savoy reissue but bley also reissued it on his own improvising artists label; some track diffs b/w the two reissues)
  • 'S Make It - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers (1965 limelight date w/ lee morgan, curtis fuller, john hicks et al.)
  • Compulsion - Andrew Hill (1965 blue note date w/ freddie hubbard, cecil mcbee, joe chambers et al.) -- this is also an excellent session
  • *Bliss! - Pete La Roca & Chick Corea (1967 muse LP, no session info)
  • Turkish Women at the Bath - Pete La Roca (douglas LP reissued on CD by 32 jazz, can't tell if is the same as the above or different)
  • Feeling Blue - Phil Upchurch (1967 milestone LP reissued as an OJC CD, w/ jimmy cobb, richard davis, wynton kelly, pat patrick, warren smith)
  • *From In to Out - Dizzy Reece (1970 futura LP, w/ art taylor the only other musician i've heard of)

    *=LP only, no CD reissue to my knowledge

would make a fun project to pick this stuff up, work through it and compile a glimore best of. (i agree taylor, the bley session intrigues a great deal!)


Mark Wallace said...

I know the Hill record too. Blowing In is a fine, at times raucous blowing session, real fun it you don't mind rough-edged energy. S'Make It I have too, a solid Blakey record although not one that automatically stands out from the pack. The other records I don't know either.


writerguy said...

Turkish Women at the Bath is indeed exactly the same as Bliss. It's a CD I listen to a lot -- my favorite John Gilmore.