Wednesday, August 16, 2006

heuriskein archives

searching through old files i find the following, a draft editorial statement i wrote for a planned publication to be co-edited with logan esdale. never ended up happening unfortunately. i knew the name was something i'd been thinking of for a while when i gave it to this blog but had forgotten i'd ever gotten this far in the planning stages of such a publication. suprising how much relevance the original impulse still holds...

Avenues for Investigation in Contemporary Poetics

[excerpt definition of heuriskein from Liddell-Scott Greek-
English Lexicon]

We live in the midst of an unparalleled abundance of poetic
activity. Heuriskein seeks to provide a site of engagement with
and response to this activity.
Part of the Small Press Collective and located at the
Electronic Poetry Center, Heuriskein is a journal of reviews,
interviews, bibliographies and other means of stimulating
interest and furthering investigation in contemporary poetics.
We seek reviews of new books, chapbooks, and journals of
contemporary writing, as well as revisitations of older, under-
considered works of continuing interest. We also seek
interviews, dialogues, and collaborations with writers, editors,
and publishers of contemporary poetics.
Heuriskein is published six times a year and is available at Correspondence should be
directed to the editors at the email addresses listed below.

Wednesday, June 03, 1998, 3:14:44 PM

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