Wednesday, November 08, 2006

election results

election results seem pretty favorable this morning: a gain of over 25 seats in the house for democrats and on the verge of taking the senate as well, with a few key races too close to call (including allen-webb in virginia); victories (clear or apparent) for cardin (MD), mccaskill (MO), brown (OH), casey (PA), menendez (NJ); defeats for steele (MD), talent (MO), dewine (OH), santorum!! (PA), chafee (RI), kean (NJ); nancy pelosi's all-but-certain attainment of the highest position in elected government by a woman.

some unfortunate notes of course too: harold ford losing in tennesee, corker's race-baiting appearing to have succeeded; aaahnold remaining governor of cahleefooornya. then there's the bizarre victory of joe lieberman. but by and large i think dems, progressive liberals and the country overall can and should feel pretty good.

also some concerns in virginia: since webb is only up by a slim (under 7,000 votes by the last tally i heard), this is something to keep an ear out for. from NBC/MSNBC:
The FBI said Tuesday that it is looking into complaints that callers tried to intimidate or confuse Virginia voters in the hard-fought race between GOP Sen. George Allen and Democratic challenger Jim Webb.

State Board of Elections Secretary Jean Jensen said her office had forwarded several reports to the FBI of voters receiving phone calls intended to discourage them from voting or directing them to the wrong polling place.


According to a sworn statement filed with the Board of Elections, a man said he got a phone message from the “Virginia Elections Commission” telling him that he was registered to vote in New York and would be “charged criminally” if he voted in Virginia.
full story here, has a piece here that includes video from an MSNBC report. stay tuned...

(typically, bush is apparently going to come out at a press conference this afternoon telling the democrats that they are going to have to compromise in order to get anything accomplished. i don't think so, pal: you're lucky they don't impeach your sorry ass!)

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