Saturday, January 06, 2007

five things meme

the definitive response to this five things meme that has spread through blogland like a mildly annoying skin rash comes courtesy of hugh macleod:
five things you don’t know about me
  1. I dislike you intensely.
  2. I love it when bad things happen to you.
  3. When your name is mentioned I immediately try to change the subject.
  4. I wouldn’t read your blog if you paid me.
  5. If we were trapped on a desert island together I would kill myself.


Mark Wallace said...

Well, the only trouble is that I think we knew those things about Hugh already.

Todd Colby said...


DUSIE said...

i have trouble believing this! i'm sure if we were trapped on a deserted island we'd be making treehouses and reciting poetrz from memory! i alreadzy tagged you as we want to see 5 secret things! or little known...