Saturday, January 12, 2008

Joglars at Google Books

cover of joglars 1.2, winter 1964i've stumbled upon a strange discovery. google books seems to have made available the 1974 arno reprint of JOGLARS, the little magazine edited by clark coolidge and michael palmer (1963-1966) -- though it has misidentified it as "American foreign policy currents documents 1963" published by ayer in 1971. (this information itself is incorrect: arno did a reprint of something called "american foreign policy, vol. 1" in 1971.)

the link is here.

naturally some of the pages are not viewable and i've not gone through the whole thing closely. but there's still a lot of great stuff that is viewable.

i wonder if there is any way to correct the misinformation on this item or how else it might be put to better use. please circulate this to whomever you feel might be interested, and i welcome any suggestions you or others might have.

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