Sunday, September 07, 2008

the light

closest thing to a near-perfect song i've heard in a while.

april is the latest release from sun kil moon, the current operation of mark kozelek. i don't know why i've never paid much attention to kozelek's initial outfit, red house painters. perhaps someone described them as just another quiet sad and mopey acoustic outfit, but i don't know why that would've been a deterrent in and of itself, as i'm a complete sucker for that genre. though i've also had intense but brief flings with other purveyors of such: i loved the scud mountain boys massachusetts for a while, but at some indefineable point that signature pernice sanctimonious irony became intolerable for me and i haven't played that CD since.

tho as another fellow northeast ohioan -- kozelek is from massilon -- i think it's high time i investigate his back catalog.

i've never been one for the repeat function much, but last night i could've played "the light" 100 times if sleep had not become a necessity. there's something about that simple endless D-to-G chord change with the hammer-ons strummed over the warm slowburn amplifier that's irresistible.

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Ryan W. said...

it reminds me of pink floyd fearless