Saturday, November 22, 2008

physicians, heal thyselves

it's fascinating to watch the right-wing diagnosticians concoct various remedies and treatments for what ails their body politic.
The key is not to abandon conservative positions, but to explain them in novel ways to the majority who might find them more in tune with human nature — and consequently more humanitarian than their usual caricatures of being too selfish, tough, or insensitive. (victor davis hanson, NRO)
in other words, lie about them because the caricatures are accurate.
At the GOP governors' meeting this month, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota argued that Republicans need to stay conservative but also modernize. A revitalized conservatism would push for tax reform with an eye on middle-class families, not hedge-fund operators. It would seek solutions to global warming rather than deny that it exists. It would place a higher priority on making health care affordable than on slashing pork programs. It would promote the assimilation of Hispanics rather than regard them as a menace or a source of cheap labor. (ramesh ponnuru, time)
in other words, take up positions that obama and the democrats already effectively own.
The future of the Republican Party is in the hands of the party’s grass roots. In the months to come, some of us will be concentrating on organizing the people who are the real base of the party and fighting to restore the party’s values as represented by my father’s administration. (michael reagan, human events)
in other words, that portion of the electorate that is shrinking almost daily.
I think it's pretty obvious that conservatives need to find new ways to address issues, new ways to apply conservative solutions to problems, new ways to shape conservatism to make it more appealing to a broader slice of the population. I haven't figured out what those new ways are, of course. (john hinderaker, power line blog)
finally, someone without delusions!

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Drew said...

Yea, it would be refreshing if, whoever the neo-neo cons turn out to be, they just come out and say, "What we need now is to find new ways to rip people off while convincing them to vote for us with fresh exciting takes on how use the population's fear and prejudice against them.