Saturday, November 08, 2008

post-election roundup

salon's michael lind offers the theory that american politics moves in 72-year cycles split in halves: an initial 36-year period of government centralization and nation-building followed by a second 36 years of downsizing and individualism; lind says we are now in the midst of a new 72-year cycle.

the good folks at refute the myth that we live in a fundamentally center-right nation, with polling data showing that americans' beliefs are largely progressive even if they do not call themselves liberal or progressive.

mcclatchy's frank greve has an interesting take on how the obama campaign might use its tremendous netroots operation post-election

josie delap of the economist compiles for the new york times the reactions of middle eastern bloggers to the election results, while huffpo's jason linkins rounds up reactions from the right-wing blogosphere (which begs the question, who is it again who hates america?)

liz cox barrett of the CJR points out that time magazine's joe klein stands alone among his peers for refusing to overlook or ignore mccain's filthy campaign on the basis of his "classy" concession speech. it should be quite the opposite.

the nro's andy mccarthy attributes, falsely, the increased youth vote to "the Left's dominance of the academy" (which in fact has little to no impact on students' political or world views).

max blumenthal looks at the reclusive billionaire who funded one of this past week's political disappointments, the success of proposition 8 in california.

and peter beinart calls sarah palin, in what i hope could be the final word on her, the last of the culture warriors.

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