Wednesday, February 15, 2006

fascicle issue two

fascicle issue two has been announced. let me dispense with the shameless self-and-group-promotion -- my coolidge presentation from the MLA is up there, along with the "in memory of d. thompson" rubbings by buck downs, cathy eisenhower's recent angel poem-objects, and co-translations from the chinese (!) by mark wallace -- so that i can get to the other goodies that this herculean labor of love by tony tost offers.

i can say from a quick glance that the Imagining Language supplement looks very tantalizing; this along with the serial poem by sandra moussempes and the chunk of lisa jarnot's forthcoming biography of robert duncan are worth the price of admission alone. and that's not even getting into the collabs between anne tardos and lyn hejinian, or poet's theater from chris vitiello (with photos from an SFC performance), and just plain poems by all kindsa great poets and friends.

stay tuned...

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