Tuesday, April 04, 2006


yesterday i was able to make an annoying trip to the canadian embassy (yes i must apply for a study permit even though i will not be living in the country or even enrolled for more than two semesters at the very most, the defense trip will surely take less than 48 hours) more fun by checking out the cezanne exhibit at the NGA.

frankly it was all very pretty and whatnot but i think i must be missing something. or maybe i've simply outgrown impressionism? like yeats or t.s. eliot, those first poets you really dug and which you don't really read or like much anymore but for whom you still have a softspot in yr heart. like at this point i'd rather have rather have the earlier, darker realists (courbet, manet, degas) or else over-the-top in the other direction (bonnard, vuillard, fauvists, expressionists, etc.) maybe i need to go back and reread those merleau-ponty essays and see what the fuss was about.

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