Wednesday, April 05, 2006

more cezanne

ok, so especially in the late work ("Montagne Sainte Victoire," 1904-1906, above left) but as early as "The Bay from L'Estaque" (1886, above right) cezanne begins to collapse the depth of perspective and use line and shape in a way that anticipates cubism. i can see that. and i like these works more than, say, monet or renoir that's for sure. still doesn't seem all that earth-shattering to me.


Jessica Smith said...

it's earth-shattering for the same reason cubism is. it's about perception and representation. artists realizing (esp. with the invention of photography) that they don't paint what's "real" but only what they see. the impossibility of realism. impressionism is the first "movement" (loosely) to get that disjunction and try to work with it. cubism does a similar thing at the advent of film--trying to capture things which are essentially dynamic into an essentially static medium.

tmorange said...

i grant all yr saying, i just think personally i find cezanne a bit all too familiar. i can't defamiliarize it enough.

plus, i take it as a step in the right direction but not a big enough step i guess. it's still too close to impressionism for me, and rather than baby steps i'd rather see it go the whole way to something like


DUSIE said...

hey t,-

are you going to do the dusie press kollektiv poetry month shabang? i sure hopes so!


i have a different blog now...too many weird vibes for me, I'm done with the baby blog thingamagig.