Thursday, July 13, 2006

the big trip out west, part three

the final installment...

[Thu June 24]

Dear Diary, Sorry I didn't write but I was busy. Today we went to Yosemite Nat. PArk. We skiped breakfast & had lunch at a McDonald's in Fresno, California. We came to a city called Fish Camp that had 36 people! Then we came to Yosemite. Then we came to a campground called Crane Flat. Then Lisa & I went to look for a near by Restroom. Then we had supper. We has Fish, salad, peas, break, & milk. Then I went walking around. One my way I met this kid we wandered around awile. Then i had my desert, cantiloupe (YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!) Tomorrow we plan to go on a long hike.
     Well, that's all, folks.

[Fri Jul 16]

Dear Diary, Sorry I haven't writen in a while but I've been busy. The Great trip has now ended. (WAAHHH) We got home yesterday. The house seems so big. Today we started to clean the Motorhome. Boy, is it a mess. Dad & I kept on bringing things inside. You should have seen the bag of mail we got! Wow! I got a few things. Both were stamps. Then we got some hard rain. My birthday is coming. (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH) I'm going to try & do something everyday. My bike has a low tire on it (RATS!) Tomorrow I get my allownace. (YEAH) I'm going to use it on my stamps. I've got a whole bunch of Poland stamps.
Well, That's all, folks!

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