Friday, July 28, 2006

media matters

i've stayed away from print and web news and blogs this week, and it's probably a pretty good thing: if the daily emails from the fine folks at are any indication, it's been a pretty depressing week. mediamatters documents the lies, slanders and lunacies of the conservative media, and here are some of their headlines from this week:
  • On The 700 Club, Coulter accused liberals of "fak[ing] a belief in God," repeated evolutionary falsehoods
  • Savage: "use a bunker-buster bomb" on the U.N.
  • On Hannity & Colmes, Lowry and Simmons teamed up to smear Murtha
  • President Coulter? Right-wing pundit proposed "carpet-bomb[ing]" Iran when asked -- again -- by a Fox host what she would do as president
  • Dietl on Muslim "fanatics" fighting a "God war": "When you have eight children, you can let two of 'em go get blown up because you always got six more"
  • Savage: CNN's Blitzer "would have let children into the gas chamber in order to stay alive an extra day"
  • Beck: "We went into Iraq three years ago to prevent World War III"
  • MSNBC hyped Coulter interview in which she attacked Pres. Clinton as a "latent homosexual"
  • On MSNBC, Coulter called Gore a "total fag," while Matthews said "we'd love to have her back"

one can find the details on these stories at if need be and one is not already too dismayed. however i did find one of this morning's pieces to be a super-sharp piece of sleuthing:
Conservative pundits made wildly wrong claims about how Iraq would turn out -- what are they saying now about the Middle East?
Numerous conservative pundits offered highly optimistic predictions about the U.S. invasion of Iraq regarding the conflict's duration, difficulty, and human and financial costs -- nearly all of which have proven to be wrong. But rather than hold these "Pollyanna pundits" accountable for their past misjudgments, the media have again provided a platform for their views about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. And echoing their rhetoric on Iraq, these conservative pundits have advocated further military action by the United States and its allies.
very carefully lays out the public statements of bill kristol, charles krauthammer, fred barnes, max boot, newt gingrich and others, revealing the sheer folly in which these men persist. as is often the case, looking to the past is a pretty good way to get a sense of the future; one can only hope that the future is not irreversible.


Jessica Smith said...

oh, good. wanna come get in a row on my blog?

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chancuff said...

As most who attended the rally know, I was there. After the dust had cleared created by some moonbat among the bootmurtha crowd who called in a fake police report that a fight had broken out, Larry Bailey came out to speak with me.

I complimented him from the bottom of my heart for the contributions he has made to our country's national security while he was serving active duty in the US Navy.

He made it clear my request to speak would not happen. He then proceeded to suggest he has no memory of the email he wrote me on 8/20/2006 2:59:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time stating that our current Commander in Chief made stupid mistakes in Iraq.

Larry then proceeded to illustrate stupid mistakes made in passed wars. After he mentioned 3 or 4 examples I interjected that there is a difference between those wars and this one.

In the past it took weeks, months, sometimes years for mistakes to be discovered and reported. Today is the information age where mistakes are reported within hours of their occurrence. I reminded him this war was still going on. I also reminded him of the glaring mistakes he had acknowledged President Bush had made in Iraq, and our respective use of the Internet to support our respective views and that is where our conversation ended.

I waited outside the Arena with a Johnstown police officer who had stayed behind after the bootmurtha hysterics caused 3 squad cars and a sergeant to arrive with sirens blaring. I was debating Steeler football with him when a motorcycle officer stopped by, who had been inside. When I asked how many were inside he said, "not many at all" When I asked "500?", he responded, "na ... well maybe 500, at most."

At the end of the event when Larry Bailey came out for a photo op next to the sign on the sidewalk outside the War Memorial Arena. I handed Larry the speech I had waited to deliver. He put it in his outside left coat pocket.

This is my speech Larry Bailey has in his coat pocket ... the words he was not man enough to let me say:

"Please join me in Prayer.

Heavily father we pray today for you to continue to protect the men and women of the armed forces of the United States and other countries who are in harms way in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries throughout the world. We thank them and their families for their sacrifices.

We pray for the souls of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in all wars. We pray for strength and courage for the POWs and MIAs and those held hostage.

We pray for protection and safety of relief workers helping those in need.

We pray for the protection of children and innocent civilians. Lord we especially pray for our nation and our leaders."

Below you will find the press release that went out on October 29th of this year.

CONTACT: Cliff Hancuff
September 29, 2006 (202) 247-1418

"American troops could be home now, except for critical mistakes made by our current Commander in Chief," charges Cliff Hancuff, Director of The World of Journalism Is Flat, Too.

"Media and right-wing bloggers are ignoring this fact. For weeks I have been challenging political activists and journalists to act with a minimum of ethical standards," continued Hancuff.

"I became involved when the Sun-Sentinel in Florida reported that Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.) said the U.S. poses the top threat to world peace. I watched in dismay as the media and bloggers worldwide reported on this misquote."

"My involvement continued when I discovered Diana Irey, John Murtha's political opponent, had attacked Murtha using a fictional quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln."

"Larry Bailey of is continuing his three year blind support of our current Commander in Chief's incompetence in war. President Bush declared war in Iraq without the 4th Infantry, our most lethal, modern, and deployable heavy division in the world," added Hancuff.

This mistake lead to the atrocity of Al Qaqaa. Iraqi insurgents stole hundreds of tons of high explosives to be used as weaponry.

"These are the explosives being used by Iraqi insurgents and al Qaeda to perpetuate the war in Iraq."

"I am distressed that the same issues ignored by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 are being ignored again in 2006," said Hancuff adding, "Americans, American soldiers, and their families deserve better."

"Without these critical mistakes made by our current Commander in Chief, our American troops would be home with their loved ones, with honor, right now."

On October 1, 2006 Hancuff be at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena located in Johnstown Pennsylvania for Larry Bailey's Swiftboating of John Murtha rally. It is there Hancuff will continue his wait for Mr. Bailey to recall the values of honor and integrity taught him by our US Navy.

There is a video online at:

YouTube - Rovian Architecture Unplugged

The World of Journalism Is Flat, Too
(202) 247-1418