Tuesday, September 02, 2008

redistributing the wealth

saw this during my brief stopover in the kansas city airport en route from nashville to portland a few weeks ago and only just getting to posting and commenting on it now.

there's really no kinder way of putting this: terry love is a complete idiot. nevermind that with respect to the size of government, the joint venture of no less conservative outfits than brookings and the urban institute claims that "Since the Bush tax cuts were enacted, government spending has increased significantly in all major categories." and nevermind how an obama administration would set out to control terry love's life.

it's the word "further" in the second bullet point above that marks the sign of truly perverse thinking. that's right, terry love fears "the further redistribution of wealth in American society" under obama. as if there is some redistribution of wealth we have already been experiencing and obama would bring more.

no, terry love, what the bush presidency has brought us is a further polarization of wealth, as the san francisco chronicle reports today:
The rich-poor gap also widened with the nation's top one percent now collecting 23 percent of total income, the biggest disparity since 1928, according to the Economic Policy Institute.
god willing, an obama presidency will begin a redistribution of wealth and a renewal of the social contract that 40 years of conservative economic policy has all but decimated in this country.

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