Wednesday, September 03, 2008

smoke and mirrors

watch this mccain lackey named tucker bounds dissemble, evade and lie his way through an interview with CNN's campbell brown:

what's even more stunning than the effrontery with which this tucker bounds commits his insults of public discourse is the fact that -- for once! -- a member of the so-called "liberal media" actually calls this scumsucking decepticon out on his bullshit.

observe how this works (my paraphrase and coding):
Q: given the mccain's critique of obama's experience and the apparent double standard mccain exhibits by picking an equally if not more inexperienced VP, why is palin ready to be commander in chief?

A: she's on mccain's ticket [EVASION], and he's got experience. [MESSAGE]

Q: yeah we know about him, but what about her?

A: people support obama [EVASION], and she has as much experience as him. [MESSAGE]

Q: no, you're not answering the question: what qualifications or experience does she have to be commander-in-chief?

A: executive state-level experience; more executive office experience than obama [QUESTIONABLE CLAIM, see below*]; commander of the alaska national guard that's been deployed overseas.

Q: give one example of a decision she's made as commander of the ANG.

A: any decision she's made as commander [EVASION] is more of a decision that obama has made. [MESSAGE]

Q: so give me one example.

A: certainly you don't mean to belittle every judgment she makes as commander? [ATTACK THE INTERVIEWER AND PLAY VICTIM]

Q: i'm belittling nothing, i just want to know one decision she's made.

A: in deciding how to equip and command the ANG, she has more experience than obama. [MESSAGE]

Q: but the pentagon and white house make those decisions, not the governors.

A: actually, on a factual basis, they do. [LIE, see below**] if you have an emergency in your state [EVASION (question pertains to foreign policy], the governor commands the national guard. that's more of a command role than obama, and the GOP ticket has more combined experience. [MESSAGE]
it's really a command performance: evade all questions and hammer home your message; when you get called out on your evasions, lie and play the victim. mccain will never fire bounds because he's too good and what he does -- and it's an utter disgrace. this is what passes for news, information and reasoned political discourse in this country. kudos, campbell brown

*palin does have more years in office than obama. she served four years on the wasilla city council and four years as that town's mayor. added to the year she chaired the alaska oil and gas conservation commission and the year and a half as governor, she has six-and-a-half years executive political experience. by contrast, obama was an illinois state senator for seven years and has been u.s. senator for almost four. so while she has more "executive" experience, in terms of total years in public office obama has almost 11 to palin's almost 10.

**actually, on a factual basis, they do not. the associated press reports that, according to craig campbell, adjutant general of the alaska national guard, "and Palin play no role in national defense activities, even when they involve the Alaska National Guard. The entire operation is under federal control, and the governor is not briefed on situations." sorry, tucker bounds, facts still mean something in the reality-based community.

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